New Homes in Sarasota Venice
New Homes in Sarasota Venice
New Home Communities

There are a number of new home communities under development in the Sarasota Venice area. For some buyers, the purchase of a newly built home in a new community is the right choice.

In the Sarasota Venice area, most development started at the Gulf of Mexico and moved eastward, as most people want to be near the beach. As a result, the established neighborhoods tend to be near the coast and the newer communities farther inland. Also, since land prices have increased, older homes tend to be on larger lots compared to newer homes. New homes can offer the peace of mind of warranties and compliance with the newest building codes, as well as the convenience of services provided by the Homeowners Association, such as lawn care, cable service and the like. However, there are several new developments in the Venice area that are close to the beaches, about a 15 minute drive.

Why you need me to help you purchase a home in a new development:  Yes you can find the websites for the new developments in the Sarasota Venice area and visit them yourself. But I have already previewed them all and I can show you the ones that will work best for you and your lifestyle. This doesn't cost you anything, and I can usually get you a better deal as I work with the builders on a regular basis. So please call me if you are interested in a new home.

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