The Drum Circle
The Drum Circle is a loosely organized group of drummers and dancers who usually assemble on Siesta Beach on Sunday evenings and Nokomis Beach on Wednesday & Saturday evenings. Check the internet and Youtube for lots more information on this well known tradition.

Lots of people head to the beaches to watch the sunset, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Most Sarasota County Beaches allow alcohol consumption so sunset watchers can imbibe in their beverage of choice. I suppose some creative folks began bringing drums (think bongos, congas, etc.) and just started drumming away. More and more started to participate and it became a fixture. Anyone can join in, to drum or dance or whatever. Some people drum on garbage can lids or whatever is available. There is no particular "song", just an ever evolving pattern of rhythms. The whole thing has kind of a surreal 60's vibe to it. Some of the participants are regulars as I have seen them each time I have attended. Like the dude in the tights. Far Out Man.  Pictures below were taken by me so apologies for quality!