Other Interesting Things to Do
There are many other interesting things to do in the Sarasota Venice area.

Sea Turtles:  Our Gulf beaches are a primary nesting area for Loggerhead & Green Sea Turtles. Mote Marine monitors nesting activities and enlists trained volunteers to walk the beaches during nesting season, mark and inventory nests, and report activities.

Below: A Mote Marine Volunteer Inventories nest, finds a buried hatchling that could not exit the nest, and releases it into Gulf


Collecting Sharks Teeth:  Venice is known as the Sharks Tooth Capital of the World. For eons sharks of all types have lived and died in the Gulf, including the ancient Megalodons. Over time, their teeth become fossilized and eventually get washed on shore. Both Venice Beach and Casperson Beach are considered the best places to look. Scuba divers dive the reef area just off the beaches and find the larger teeth. Beachgoers may use a scoop like device for scooping and sifting sand in search of teeth. There is an annual Sharks Tooth Festival featuring a weekend of food, entertainment , and exhibitors selling shark tooth jewelry, art and the like.

     Normal Sized Sharks Teeth                                                    A Megalodon Tooth