A Colorful Gulf Sunset
A Colorful Gulf Sunset

The weather in the Sarasota area is fantastic year round and great for all types of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, or just hanging out at the beach!

Sarasota enjoys a warm sunny sub-tropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. During the winter we have an occasional cold front that usually only lasts a few days. While the summers are hot and humid, there is normally a nice breeze off the Gulf of Mexico to keep it pleasant and an afternoon thunderstorm to cool it off a bit. From experience I can say that the summer is not much different than August in NJ or any other state in the Northeast or Midwest. And you can sell your snow shovels & ice scrapers!


 Month  January  February  March   April  May   June   July   August   September  October  November   December
  Avg High       71       74      77    81    87     90    91      91         89      85         78         73
  Avg Low       52       55      58    62    68     73    75      75         74      67         60         54
 Avg Precip     2.83      2.65    3.99  2.15   2.50   8.24   9.21     9.81        7.35      2.83        2.22         2.5


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